• Image of Sharpening services
  • Image of Sharpening services
  • Image of Sharpening services

It is difficult to offer set price for sharpening but time varies greatly depending on size and condition of the saw. Please email me directly roger@rogerlandry.net. The shipping charge is for return shipping.

thanks and see pricing below

Hand Sharpening includes setting, jointing and sharpening in rip or crosscut profiles:
Dovetail saws , Backsaws 12 inches or less: $25
Handsaws (any size) and Backsaws over 12 inches: $35
Miter saws: $50

Filing or shaping of the teeth is required before sharpening to redefine teeth before Sharpening. All done by hand
$25 to $45 for backsaws, $35 to $75 for handsaws

Hand and Mechanical Saw Plate Re-toothing
Foley Automatic Retoother: Cuts both rip or crosscut profiles 4.5-16ppi $30.00.

Hand Re-toothing: $50 for backsaws, $85 for handsaws. (Does not include sharpening)