• Image of Simonds No 8 Handsaw 20" 12 PPI XCUT 1910-20 Era
  • Image of Simonds No 8 Handsaw 20" 12 PPI XCUT 1910-20 Era
  • Image of Simonds No 8 Handsaw 20" 12 PPI XCUT 1910-20 Era

"the saw maker"
No 8
Apple Handle
20" inch Skew back
CROSS CUT 12 Points Per Inch
Filed: 15º rake 25º fleam
Tapered plate measurements take at tip .018-.034
circa 1910-20

Welcome back or Nice to meet YOU! The summers been busy sharpening and restoration work so I haven't had the time to list as much of my stuff and this nice fine cut Simonds has been hanging out on the bench while I got a few out the door.

Simonds in many was was the thorn in Disston side and one of the few saw manufactures that bested them at sales around the turn of the century. As we all know Disston wouldn't stand for that and so took the throne back. That said it a testament to the quality and popularity. This No 8 was mid line for them and featured an apple handle, polished spring steel, and skew back not unlike Disston but dont be fooled by the statistics. The Simonds No 8 does have it's own feel. the handles design and feel is different then Disston and personally I find the fit and finish of the Simonds a little nicer. Not the finish on the handle is slightly two tone and the end grain is treated with a darker stain. The plate also features the double etch like most in the Simonds line up.

The saw is not without its apologies but they are cosmetic and the saw features a straight fine, 12 point pitch. The handle has some checkering from age but both horns are complete and the etch is light but readable. If you're a fan of shorter saws and looking for a fine cross cut this may be the saw for you. If not feel free to send me an email and I see what I can do.

enjoy the summer

All saw include a FREE second sharpening and all you’re responsible for is shipping.

PLATE: The straight plate has some cosmetic stains but retains a nice shine and light etch that reads 80% or better. The 12 points per inch plate was hand filed cross cut with 15º of rake and 25º of fleam. This pitch and configuration is perfect for all types of seasoned woods and cuts on tricky lumber. Like all my saws this one was tested on two type of wood, cherry and maple.

HANDLE: The handle has a few apologies: dings, stains, and checking from age but these are cosmic. Both horns are complete. Only a light refinishing was done.




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