There are many of us offering recondition, collectable, and user-grade saws on the internet but on the office chance you’re in Southern Jersey / Philadelphia are pick up and drop off can be arranged. I also attend many of the auctions and club meetings throughout the US so if you’ll be at any of the following by all means shot me an email regardless of a sale I’m happy to talk saws, woodworking.

I’m a member of:

The Mid-west Tool Collectors Association

The Ohio Tool Collectors Association

CFAFT: Collectors of Rare And Familiar Tools Society

as well as many online groups

 The goal in every restoration I do is to bring back the beauty in direct proportion to its overall condition. It’s a matter of aesthetics to me; polished saw screws on a handle that’s been sanded down to remove every imperfection is like lipstick on a pig. Also note that I offer a wider variety of makes, models, and years than most.

When it comes to backsaws I offer services most don’t bother or can’t.  I stock, cut and tooth most plates for common backsaw sizes. I remove the back on all saws unless noted for proper inspection and restoration. Upon completion the back is reblued and expertly “knocked-on” to the plate. Doing this insures you get a saw that is properly tensioned that will stay true for years to come. You can read more about this and my process on my blog.

My sharpening process is time consuming and done 100% by hand unless noted.  Exceptions are retoothing of new plates on backsaws. Regardless of the machine, this process is also very time consuming as well. I also cut and tooth my own plate for backsaws, something most can’t and don’t bother to offer. Each saw is jointed, shaped, set, sharpened, stoned, and then tested on both medium and hard woods. Adjustments are then made as needed.
I do my best to check every aspect of the saw before sale. In the event I miss something, rest assured I will stand behind it. My hope is you’ll find I offer the highest quality, expertly sharpened restorations available. If you’re not happy, please contact me for a refund.

My guarantee is simple. I stand behind ANYTHING I sell, or service I do. If you're not happy with a saw or feel its not properly sharpened send it back or email me for a full refund. I've sharpened over a hundred saws for service, and resale with no returns.

If you’re a member of ebay and feel feedback is proof of satisfaction I invite you read mine.

Joe Federici

Purveyor of Saw Goodness